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Feedback Fun
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Well, the feedback on our first show is starting to trickle in and I am amused by the flurry of negativity.  On the Jewish Television Network site, my cleavage in the bed scene offended someone (my boobs are extremely threatening!), and I was warned sternly that my declaration that playing Barbies bores me will come back to haunt me when my children are older and Google their mom (which they'll probably be too cool to do!).  My friend Linda has written for the Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, and many other publications... she told me that almost all comments that people post are negative.  Once someone told her that they hope someone would stab her to death while she strolls in the park with her young son.

I am ready, willing, and able to handle the HATERS.  Clearly we're pressing people's buttons, and that means we're doing our job as TV producers.  Who would want to watch a TV show about 5 perfectly frum people blabbering on about what great parents and Jews they are?  Not me.  I'd change the channel in a half second.  People admitting their faults, desires, fears, and judgements is what I'd watch.  And that is what we're going to produce.  

The funny thing is, the first episode is SO tame compared with what is to come.  

What are really frummy people doing watching our irreverent show anyway?  Go play Tsnius Scrabble or something.

Or better yet, keep watching and commenting.  It's something fun to read while I sip my morning coffee and plan our next show.