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About Love is Reel Productions
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Love is Reel’s mission is to provide people with the ability to express their voice, opinion, and individual style in the media. 

We produced season one of our first television series on a shoe-string budget with all expenses paid out pocket.  We have created a new style for unscripted video content that is designed to appeal to the upcoming generation by educating through entertainment and fostering pluralistic dialogue, We have achieved enthusiastic acceptance online and via a national television network, Jewish Life Television (JLTV) which reaches into over 30 million homes. We are fortunate to have several groups working to establish national Jewish television networks (including JLTV, JTN, TJC and Shalom TV). Their content is primarily geared to middle-aged adults and seniors.  They’re trying, but they lack both budget and creative insight to appeal to the young audiences that they crave. JLTV has been the most successful at both establishing a full-time nationally broadcast network and delivering content about “what it means to be Jewish,” not just lectures and round-table discussions. We have had the opportunity to consult and work with several media companies that produce content for the “satellite” channels (Lifetime, A&E, Bravo, Discovery, and even HBO) and the reality is that, with so many channels and so much air-time, they are all thirsty for quality content. Our goal is to establish a production company that not only creates amazing Jewish content for upcoming Jews but has potential for reaching mass media audiences with amazing Jewish content that is meaningful for all young Americans (a la Shalom in the Home). 

Love is Reel Productions was founded by Malkah Winter.