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InOverOurHeads hits the newswires ...
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InOverOurHeads Unscripted Jewish Reality Series Premiers on Jewish Life Television Network

InOverOurHeads, the first unscripted Jewish reality television series, premiers today on the first global network devoted to what it means to be Jewish, JLTV - the Jewish Life Television Network. InOverOurHeads sneaks a peek at the crazy lives of a few close friends. Coping with the realities of their restless existence as young, Jewish parents, they debate the absurd, laugh at convention, and reevaluate their ideals in a humorous, yet introspective way. Maintaining a decorum not quite fitting for shul [synagogue, the topics wander into sensitive areas such as marriage, parenting, religion, gender issues, and education. The discussions are honest and irreverent, often with a deep spiritual undertone. They rip apart stereotypes of observant Jews - although like most Jews, they hardly ever agree. InOverOurHeads airs Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern and 9pm Pacific, broadcasting nationwide on DirecTV channel 366, in select metropolitan areas via nationwide affiliations with Time Warner and Comcast, and online at (Please see for additional air times.) JLTV currently reaches 26 million homes and is anticipated to expand to 40 million homes by year end.

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