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Russian Blogger on Jewish Reality TV
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Family Goy"Jewish men are so intellectual."- a sexy and non-Jewish female Santa's Helper trying to seduce the title character in The Hebrew Hammer.

Here are two words that will get the Jews interested: 1. it's got Jews, and 2. it's free :0) I can say that: I'm Jewish. Just kidding. I can say it 'cause here it's a friendly joke. They put their videos on 4 Jewish parents in the Jewish community of Sharon, MA, encountering the rest of the World and talking about it. One of them is a Reform Jew, apparently. Of course, you have to be able to understand English. (And a bit of Yeshivish wouldn't hurt either.) If you are interested, here's an article about them.

I just hope this will be better than Israeli "Survivor", where they spent about 3 times as much time talking about the activities than doing the activities. At least, here we know they'll be doing a lot of talking.

Click for the original blog. [Google translates the blog names as: In search of a good cappuccino, a diary of the young squire]