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PDF Print E-mail touts itself as the Premier Frum (i.e. Orthodox) Jewish Forum. It's always interesting to find random people out on the web talking about the show. I think some of them were complaining about the prerelease episodes (which have subsequently been revamped for national TV), but others just dislike hearing the Orthodox community "airing its dirty laundry." Either way InOverOurHeads is primarily about the conversations that go on after the show and we're always happy to see people talking!

... I am finding [the show] to be really fascinating to watch.

... there are way more interesting things on the internet. I didn't laugh at all. What do you like about it?

... mikveh episode was good and the one where the guy was talking about mooning the rabbi. I just think a lot of their comments are real and talk about some of what Judaism is.

... I am intrigued.

I didn't get the point of it from the commercial. Doesn't look like something I'd sit through.

I found the whole thing sad. ... It was interesting how they interspersed scenes of her in the club with scenes from her wedding video (which was totally frum and looks like two normal Orthodox people getting married).

I watched a bit and I'm not impressed. What is it? Just a stage for frum jews who are frustrated with Judaism and need to vent publicly? The mikvah one was way tmi imo and do we really need to see them french kissing in slow-mo??

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