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IOOH Cast Bios
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Malkah WinterMALKAH WINTER always seems to have her plate full, yet this mother of  five never seems to slow down. For some, InOverOurHeads would be a statement of fact, but for Malkah it is a mission - to constantly push against and struggle with life's big questions. On second thought, Malkah struggles with life's small questions too, like the proper etiquette for uninviting someone to a party or how to convince her castmates that installing hidden cameras in their bedrooms is a good idea. Yes, she keeps things interesting. Together with her  husband, Malkah lives in Sharon, Massachusetts, where she is quietly turning the small town upside down. Malkah is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and Tufts University.


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SIMCHA WEINBERG is the oldest 24-year-old you ever met, which makes sense because she’s been married since she was 9 (we’re not kidding). Feeling as though college and a career were life’s obstacles, Simcha chose to take the fastest route out, leaving her precisely where she started. Now a mother, she has begun her search for a creative outlet; so far we’ve ruled out selling cars, counting beans, and a career as a concert pianist. Rebellious streak temporarily in check, Simcha continues to provoke those closest to her by disguising controversy as an intellectual pursuit.


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VALERIE FRANK is a resident of Sharon, Massachusetts and a recovering candy corn addict. The mother of three young daughters, she is currently a housefrau and spends her days balancing her childcare obligations with her addiction to Facebook.  She is a former member of the Mainstage cast of ImprovBoston, and has a professional background in fundraising for non-profit organizations.


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Yitzy CusnerYITZI CUSNER has been trapped in Sharon, Mass. for as long as he can remember. Well, that’s not entirely true - his parents sent him to yeshiva when he was an impressionable youngster; though having had his black hat revoked, it is safe to say that the experience did not turn out as planned.  Now, still in Sharon with his wife and two beautiful daughters, he finds himself slowly turning into his own father, only taller.  Currently he works in marketing but holds degrees in music, law, and business, making him an intolerable know-it-all.