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Premier Episode - "Living Waters"

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Living Waters explores the mikveh, Jewish ritual bath. Observant Jewish women abstain from marital relations for approximately 12 days following the onset of menses. The end of the period is marked by immersion in the mikveh. This is Valerie's first time taking the plunge. She meets with mikveh educators, shares thoughts with her husband and cast, and after 12 days of angst visits the Mayyim Hayyim community mikveh in Newton, Massachusetts.

I didn't expect to be moved by going to the mikveh. It was just something I wanted to try on for size; but something about it changed me in a profound way. - Valerie 

When people think of mikveh, they think separation.  It's really about coming together ... sometimes healing, in a way that goes far beyond... - Malkah